Greet has a perfect service system, including pre-sale service, in-sale service and after-sale service. To provide high quality service for our customers,we train every salesman with necessary product maintenance knowledge and organized a Technology Supporting Department with a group of excellent and professional engineers. Any problem you can contact us at any time you like. 
Pre-sale service:
1. Reply enquiries in 24 hours.
2.  Market research and forecast for customer.
3.  Provide unique and professional solutions based on customer's requirement.
4.  Data sheet and samples offer.
5.  Other services, such as special packing design, factory visiting and so on.
In-sale service:
1.  Tracking report in producing.
2.  Photos and videos as per customer's requirement.
3.  Free spare parts.
After-sale service:
1.  Lifetime free maintenance and upgrade.
2.  Complaint respond period not exceed 24 hours; maintenance guidance
 and problem solution supplied in 48 hours.
3.  Customer satisfaction tracking report.
4.  Free technician training.
5. Full set of documents free of charge, which including installation guidance,software operation manual, easy maintenance manual and control system software CD and so on.
6.Special service for big project, such as stadium, exhibitions, squares and so on.
Service flow:

Fault Reason Solution 
Whole screen no display a. No AC power supply. Check main power cable and reconnect it.
b. The computer isn't working Check the computer
c. Main data cable is broken. Reconnect the main data cable correctly or change a new one.
d. Control system is broken. Check indicators on sending card and receiving card, if red one keep lighting while green one blinking when the system is ok, otherwise use spare parts to replace.
e. Receiving card is no power. Check power cable between receiving card and power supply
f. Software setting is wrong. Correct the software setting to suit the control system. 
Whole screen blinking. a. Ground wire is broken. Connect the ground wire between the computer and screen.
b. Control system is broken down. Change the control system.
c. Some signal of the data cable is lost. Examine the data cable, reconnect it correctly or change a new one.
d. Refresh rate setting is wrong Correct the Refresh rate setting
Module not work a. Unit module has no  power supply Voltage for unit module is 5V.
b. Flat cable between two modules is cut off. Change the flat cable.
c. 245 IC is broke down. Change new 245 IC 
part of module works abnormally Signal of the part is wrong. Check the resistance near the 5026 IC which control that area.
Rows of module are not lighting Corresponding 4953 or 245 IC is not working. Examine the corresponding 4953 or 245 IC
Columns of module are not lighting Corresponding 5026 IC is not working Examine 5026IC or change a new one.
Pins or 5026 IC short connected Re-soldering the 5026IC or change a new one.
The display texts have shadows. Data cable or DVI cable connected incorrectly Reconnect main data cable or DVI cable between graphic card and sending card 
LED display installation steps:
1.   Assemble the cabinets on the structure.
2.   Connect the UTP cables between cabinets.
3.   Connect the AC cables between cabinets.
4.    Install Sending Card.
5.    Connect the DVI cable between Sending Card and Graphic    Card.
6.    Connect the COM cable between Sending card and   computer.
7.    Connect the UTP cables between Sending Card and Receiving Card.
8.    Turn on control computer.
9.     Install LED studio software (see attached CD and serial number is 888888)
10.   Turn on LED display.
11.   Set the display mode in “clone mode” in the window of Graphic Card properties.
12.    Use the LED studio to control the display.

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