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How to design the steel structure of outdoor LED display screen

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Outdoor LED display screen installation and indoor LED display screen installation is differentiated, usually outdoor display it basic installation is in a more prominent place. The area is large, so in the installation of outdoor LED display screen must have the support of the steel structure;
One, easy to install and maintenance: the structure of the design need to consider the installation and maintenance of the convenience, such as maintenance channel, over the line, etc..
Two, reliability: the structure of the premise, combined with the actual situation, the balance of the fulcrum, the structure of the bearing capacity should be greater than 20% of the weight of the body itself;
Three, integrity: LED display structure in addition to the installation of the screen body itself, but also other ancillary equipment. As the position of the sound, exhaust fan, air conditioner, wrapping outside the region structure, outdoor lightning protection facilities and other settings. In the early design of the structure to consider these, to ensure the quality and practical premise, but also if the screen appearance beautiful and comfortable.
Four, flatness: the flatness of the structure directly affect the level of the screen after the installation of the flat surface of the screen, the display of the display effect has an important impact. To ensure the flatness of the structure needs to be integrated with the structure of the surface frame and display screen, in order to ensure the smoothness of welding

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