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From the beginning of September, a number of LED displays have prices!

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Recently the prices of raw materials potential, LED display industry package chips intensified, stared at the upstream suppliers exhilaration prices rise, and finally began to move downstream enterprises have a screen:

August 30, crystal color photoelectric posted "on the table full-color paste product adjustment notice", said that due to the lamp, PCB board and other raw material price increases and an increase in labor costs, crystal color part SMD full color prices. Followed, many LED display enterprises are part of the product prices posted the same day notice, but some people say August 30 as "Day price." However, more enterprises LED screen, select Start unified prices in September, so the August 31 is also "order date", many customers choose to order now before the price increases.

In fact, there on time, "whether upstream price increases will lead to the entire supply chain collective price increases, and then pulled up the LED display screen terminal half price" in the previous discussion of the industry. Immediately after the "prices", the industry have different opinions, each holding opinions.

On the whole, though not a single end-product manufacturers from several of the behavior of prices on the assertion that the entire industry trends, but they can not deny that this is the release of a signal industry prices stabilized, many enterprises in the industry to "price" or said he was promising.

Some people think that the 'price' means the display industry halt 'price war' to 'brand war', the market return to reason, return the product quality of the prelude. Since then companies need to be more marked strictly control the quality of products, so as to win the reputation, good brand. "As a result, although it will lead to other parts of the LED display supporting materials rose, but all sectors of industry to promote the healthy and stable development of business excellence, means that the industry from a new round of price wars to fight quality, enterprises competitive than team material cost is more important. "

Of course, it was suggested that such a concern that the industry is now the market price of the end product out there, manufacturers have to "price", the customer is difficult to buy. Now the prices of raw materials is a foregone conclusion, if not man-made end product to buy it, then enterprises will face the screen from both sides - high-cost, low-margin, screen prices living space will become more difficult?

For the above questions, customers are passive, but do not need to worry too much about, at this stage the market is not too sensitive to price, most customers still want to have high-quality products and services.

In addition, some industry insiders believe that overwhelmed "price" has a double meaning, and analysis may be just a "factionalism" upstream suppliers of raw materials within the industry, it is to force a "big move downstream screen manufacturers stand under "current" price "is only a short-term phenomenon, once the group a good team, the price will fall.


The truth in the end how? Now is still uncertain, overwhelmed by the price behavior will evolve? Is to promote the end of the "price war" and embark on healthy and benign development, or just "thunder and no rain" The whole industry?

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