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Cultural media is the leading direction of electronic display business concerns

Date:2017,03,28 Has been Viewed:295

    In recent years, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, a single LED display business has been difficult to meet the company to maintain long-term stable performance growth requirements, to seek new profit growth point to become an inevitable choice. In this context, some LED display companies began to operate in the differentiation of positive exploration, will focus on high-end leasing, cultural media, sports, finance and other fields.

    This is particularly evident in the performance of large enterprises in the LED display. As a result of financial advantages,  including enterprises have to change the development of ideas, through cooperation or extension of mergers and acquisitions, etc., to achieve LED display and LED outdoor advertising business growth , To explore the "LED display hardware + media advertising software," the integrated media network business strategy.

    As a strong correlation, the cultural media is the leading electronic display business focus on the primary direction, in the media field.

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